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Custom Saddlebag Liners.

Custom Saddlebag Liners started in early 2007,  We were in the custom automotive interior business for Street Rods and custom classic cars since 1993, In 2007 I purchased my first Harley Davidson Roadking, I realized tossing things into the saddlebags like my sunglasses were getting ruined along with other stuff that was banging around the bag, so i decided to take my knowledge from auto interiors and come up with a liners that could be glued in so i would not loose any storage space or have to worry about the material on the walls to come down over time, We First started with automotive  trunk liner, did awesome with items bouncing around.  Then the big wheel bagger trend came along and everything was custom even the saddlebags and they looked awesome, but with the fiberglass once you opened the saddlebag looked unfinished and raw, so i came up with the idea to upholster the bags to hide the inside with giving it a custom look that you would be proud to open up at a bike show and show that the bike is complete all the way into the bags. We have so many different materials and patterns,  we try to stay up to date on any bag that is currently out or that has been on the market, we try and work with each of the Builders to provide you the best liner with the best fit. 

We are always asked why our prices are so much lower than the big names that are selling a similar product, answer is most likely it is our product with a mark up, we are the ones that go to the supply houses pick the material, come back to the shop cut each set to what bags the customer has, sew them up and ship out all from the same location, no middle man your getting it directly from the Manufacture.  Give us a call and or your custom saddlebag liner set today and see we are the Best in the business.